East NotaryLawWho is the Greatest Lawyer?
East NotaryLawWho is the Greatest Lawyer?

Who is the Greatest Lawyer?

Success for lawyers can be measured in various ways: significant court victories, representing high-profile clients and amassing wealth are all indicators of achievement for them. From Clarence Darrow’s defense of Leopold and Loeb to Judge Judy’s successful transformation from legal expert to television personality there have been many great lawyers that have left their mark.

Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson witnessed first-hand the cruelty and destruction caused by the American Civil War and its aftermath, growing up in South Carolina. Later he went on to become a professor and political leader before breaking away from New Jersey Democratic party bosses to run for governor in 1910 – winning national attention with his progressive reforms.

Wilson achieved much, including passing the Federal Reserve Act and creating the Eight Hour Day as well as laws to restrict child labor. Additionally, he established the Federal Trade Commission and reduced tariff rates, leading to lower prices for consumers. Wilson advocated for workers by outlining legal principles supporting peaceful strikes, picketings, and boycotts.

As President, Lincoln led the fight for women’s rights and democracy internationally while reforming banking systems to loosen Wall Street’s grip over national finances. Unfortunately, his progressivism did not extend to all Americans – in his segregationist federal government departments such as Treasury, Post Office, Agriculture and Engraving and Printing African American employees were removed by removing African American employees from those departments.


Cicero was a famed Roman orator, statesman, and writer who attempted in vain to defend republican principles during the civil wars that brought about its fall. Today he remains revered for his speeches and writings, especially his innovative Ciceronian style of rhetoric which became widely recognized.

He dedicated much of his time and efforts to philosophy, producing major works on a broad array of subjects influenced by three Greek philosophical schools – Stoicism, Epicureanism and Philo of Larissa’s skeptical approach as head of the New Academy.

His first two major philosophical works addressed political philosophy as he addressed Roman government’s crisis that eventually led to its collapse under republican rule and into an era dominated by emperors. One of his proudest moments occurred during his consulship in 63 BCE when he put an end to Catilinarian conspiracy by killing five of its leaders without trial – an achievement for which he took great pride. Some have suggested he exaggerated its significance.

Johnnie L. Cochran Jr.

Johnnie Cochran Jr was born in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1943 and embarked with his family at age six to ride the Southern Pacific Train as part of the Great Migration which saw six million African-Americans migrate across North America between 1943 and 1966.

After graduating from UCLA, Cochran went on to pass the California State Bar exam and serve as deputy city attorney in Los Angeles before opening his own law firm where he handled civil and criminal cases – representing numerous celebrities such as Sean Combs, Michael Jackson and OJ Simpson among many others.

In his high-profile cases, he used his ability to connect with jurors to put the prosecution on the defensive. He specialized in turning mountains of evidence into molehills that led towards justice.

Cochran’s most notable victory was representing Geronimo Pratt who spent 25 years behind bars for an act he did not commit, ultimately freeing him. Securing Geronimo Pratt’s release became his proudest moment as an attorney and Cochran has continued fighting wrongful convictions through his firm, Cochran, Neufeld & Scheck.

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson has earned himself an international reputation as an outstanding musician, bandleader, producer, actor, and activist over decades of country music history. From outlaw country songs written for him by fellow outlaw country artists to R&B legends Ray Charles and Snoop Dogg recordings and collaborations. His repertoire spans decades and genres alike and his song catalogue boasts thousands of recordings made over four decades and multiple genres.

As soon as he returned to Texas in 1972, he let his hair grow out and adopted an understated aesthetic which quickly cemented him in the “outlaw music” movement. Following the release of Red Headed Stranger (1975), he quickly established himself as one of country music’s best-selling performers.

In 1985, Nelson co-founded Farm Aid with Neil Young and John Mellencamp to bring awareness to family farmers’ struggles. Since then, he has advocated on their behalf and other causes, such as AIDS research during its most critical years. Although his personal life was complicated by tax debt and subsequent loss of his son Billy, Nelson nonetheless continued recording and touring tirelessly into 2016.