East NotaryLawExtraordinary Attorney Woo – Why Attorney Who Likes Whales
East NotaryLawExtraordinary Attorney Woo – Why Attorney Who Likes Whales

Extraordinary Attorney Woo – Why Attorney Who Likes Whales

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is an immensely popular Korean drama that has become widely watched. The series stars an autistic lawyer/savant working at a large law firm who often talks about whales – making for a recurring theme throughout.

She finds whales inspiring because they swim freely through the ocean without restrictions or boundaries, much like how autism experiences are similar. She compares herself to their experiences.

They are beautiful

While Korean drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo is captivating audiences all around the world, one aspect that has captured viewers is Woo Young-woo’s frequent whale monologues – possibly due to their timeless beauty or because whales hold such special places in people’s hearts.

These huge mammals are extremely mysterious, yet each has unique features that set it apart from other species. For instance, bowhead whales are famously distinguished by their horns and tusks used to defend against predators; additionally they can raise their heads above water’s surface to catch some breeze.

Humpback whales have earned themselves a reputation for their bravery in protecting seals and other marine wildlife from shark attacks, earning them the moniker “superhero whales” in the ocean ecosystem. Whales also communicate via both sound and touch with one another; leading some scientists to consider them among the most intelligent creatures on earth.

They are intelligent

Attorney Woo Young-woo, an autistic lawyer and savant, reveres whales as her guardian angel. Their presence comforts her frayed nerves and helps her win cases more easily, symbolizing community with different species – an essential aspect to helping her cope with challenges and discrimination that she encounters in society.

Young-woo is an avid advocate for women’s rights and victims of the Sewol ferry disaster, serving North Korean defectors with great dedication. Her fight for humanity and dedication are an inspiration to many; teaching colleagues about whales to create an inviting workplace setting; even using one as part of her office decor! She even uses an office floor mat featuring whale patterns!

Senior attorney Jung is taken by senior attorney Jung’s whale obsession from episode one; she often uses references to them emotionally or intellectually as she recalls or compares it to life of a narwhal in an unknown marine ecosystem, paralleling autism and experiencing discrimination with life of an aquatic mammal in an unfamiliar ecosystem. Furthermore, she considers dolphins whales too and hopes to visit one rehabilitated whale in its natural environment.

They are free

Woo Young-woo is an autistic attorney who enjoys whales because they swim freely through the sea and form communities with many species. Her fierce commitment to human rights cases makes her an inspirational force; often surprising senior attorney Jung with whale-related discussions or teaching him more about marine ecosystems; even hosting an informal rooftop party to celebrate a victory involving North Korean defectors is just another testament to this.

She and Jun-ho help a man win his case against his abusive wife, as well as tackle copyright disputes between ATM companies. Their popularity stems from its positive message, with viewers relishing every second.

They are a symbol

Extraordinary Attorney Woo has won viewers around the globe by storm in 2022 K-drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo. It follows an autistic lawyer working at an esteemed law firm who utilizes her photographic memory and out-of-the-box thinking to win cases while possessing high intelligence which allows her to empathize with people easily. Furthermore, whales make frequent appearances in her show as her beloved animal companions!

Extraordinary Attorney Woo has become a source of great interest among netizens due to the appearance of whales throughout. Many have wondered why fictional character Woo is so fond of them and whether whales represent anything meaningful within the show.

Whales have long been seen as symbols of peace and harmony. Free to swim freely across vast oceans while living together with other species regardless of differences, whales have come to symbolize freedom, love, wisdom and compassion – making them an important omen of global solidarity.