East NotaryLawHow Much Does a Divorce Lawyer Charge?
East NotaryLawHow Much Does a Divorce Lawyer Charge?

How Much Does a Divorce Lawyer Charge?

Divorce can be costly, both financially and legally. Even when both partners agree on all issues, contested divorce can cost at least $50,000 or more in legal fees alone.

Attorney rates can differ widely based on experience, prestige, location and size of law firm; however, some lawyers offer flat fees for divorce cases where no disputes arise.


Divorce lawyers typically charge an initial retainer fee that reflects their estimated cost to handle the case, including hourly rates and administrative costs such as court filing costs.

Retainer payments are placed into an independent trust account that is kept separate from an attorney’s business accounts, with funds deducted as work is completed and any unused amounts generally being returned back to clients at the conclusion of their divorce process.

Retainers play an essential part in legal processes for various reasons. They demonstrate commitment and availability among your attorney team members and allow them to focus solely on your case without being distracted by external pressures.

Careful consideration must be given when reviewing an attorney’s fee agreement so you understand its terms and conditions. Freed Marcroft regularly invoices clients throughout their case process, keeping them apprised on their retainer balance as well as any additional expenses that may incur. This helps manage expectations and prevent surprises while simultaneously helping prevent unexpected costs for cases with many variables that impact costs overall.

Fees for Experts

Divorces can become costly quickly depending on their complexity, especially if both parties cannot agree on crucial issues such as property division, child custody arrangements and financial support.

An adversarial divorce requires more time and resources to resolve conflicts, which may involve hiring experts such as forensic accountants or investigators or conducting extensive investigations. Litigation such as hearings, negotiations or court appearances is likely also required to settle disagreements effectively.

Reaching an amicable agreement between you and your spouse on all issues related to the divorce can save both parties substantial fees. Other ways you could reduce expenses include handling certain aspects of the case yourself or using mediators; some attorneys even provide payment plans or suggest alternative ways of paying fees; however, for optimal results always perform thorough research when finding an attorney that fits both your needs and budget – make sure your consultation session includes discussion of these possibilities with potential lawyers!

Filing Fees

Divorce costs extend far beyond legal fees alone. A divorce is like fixing a plumbing problem: trying to do it yourself might end up costing more in the long run than simply hiring a professional plumber. For this reason, it is essential that when selecting a divorce attorney that you conduct thorough research. Check reviews from former clients as well as check whether they provide unbundled legal services or limited-scope representation services.

Filing fees for divorce vary considerably by state and county, but attorneys can itemise them in their bills to provide transparency and help estimate total costs. Some attorneys offer flat fees for uncontested divorces without disputes to help reduce legal expenses; this option can be particularly attractive for couples hoping to keep legal costs to a minimum; nonetheless, even these charges can add up over the course of your case; it is therefore wise to account for them when creating your budget.

Trial Fees

Divorces involving contentious issues like property division, child custody and support agreements, or alimony tend to cost more.

If you and your spouse can agree on the major issues in your divorce and work through them through mediation, it may not require attorneys at all and costs could fall below $7,000 (not including individual legal costs for both of you).

For complex divorces, full representation by an attorney will likely be necessary. According to our survey, those who hired full-scope divorce attorneys cost an average of $11,300 while many cannot afford such costs and should look for limited scope services instead at more affordable rates.