East NotaryLawHow Much Attorney Charge For H-4 EAD?
East NotaryLawHow Much Attorney Charge For H-4 EAD?

How Much Attorney Charge For H-4 EAD?

H-4 Employment Authorization Document (EAD) allows dependent family members of US citizens or permanent residents to work in the U.S. It’s essential that you understand all the rules when applying for an H-4 EAD.

Payment must also be made for your application; if this fee is beyond your means, however, a waiver may be possible based on humanitarian grounds.


H4 EADs represent much more than just documents; they’re a gateway to empowerment for countless families. Unfortunately, however, their process can be challenging; professional advice should always be sought when considering this option. H4 EADs enable spouses of certain H-1B visa holders to work legally in any field while keeping their status valid or filing lawful permanent residency applications; additionally they also have the right to establish businesses here in America.

To obtain an EAD, applicants must submit Form I-765 and pay the required fee. For an H4 EAD, this amount is $410 and should be made out to “U.S. Department of Homeland Security” via check or money order – alternatively use USCIS lockbox facility; please do not write “USCIS” directly on bank checks as this will result in its rejection by USCIS.

Fees for RFE response

An RFE from USCIS indicates that additional information or documents are required for your application to be accepted, often due to insufficient evidence on which to base a decision on. As such, delays or denial may ensue.

Responding to an RFE requires providing all of the documents requested by USCIS within the deadline specified. Do not rely on professors or other offices at HU to process your RFE document requests on your behalf.

H-4 EAD holders can work in any sector of the economy and are unrestricted by type of job available. Furthermore, no job offer is necessary when applying for their EAD and they may renew it as often as necessary – which ensures continuous work authorization in the US.

Fees for appeal

The H4 EAD allows spouses of H-1B visa holders to work legally in the US. It is an attractive solution for people with family obligations or seeking lawful permanent residency; however, its status remains uncertain due to legal challenges it frequently encounters; therefore it is wise to remain informed and seek professional advice as part of any plan of action.

Appellate attorney fees may be available in certain circumstances, such as those that involve issues of great public importance or are otherwise significant. Income disparity also plays a part in awarding attorney fees.

An appeal can be an expensive, lengthy and time-consuming process, so hiring an experienced immigration attorney to represent your case with care and precision is crucial to its success. In addition, additional fees may apply to prepare records or transcripts of trial proceedings, the costs for which can run into thousands of dollars.

Fees for a denial

H-4 Employment Authorization Document is a work permit designed to allow spouses of H-1B visa holders to legally work in the United States for one year at a time and renew. It does not require labor condition applications or petitions from US government agencies and allows unrestricted employment – providing your salary meets federal and state minimum wage laws.

applicants seeking fee waivers can file for one if they cannot afford the standard filing fees, which include USCIS fees plus biometrics fees of $85. Before seeking out this route alone it would be prudent to consult an immigration attorney in order to ascertain that a fee waiver can be afforded.